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Month: February, 2005


for the gift of having enough, i’m eternally grateful corn tomatoes beans onions and rice– i vow to deposit them lovingly into the toilet with as little fanfare as possible

unexpected rain

the walk from town is lined with sweet-smelling trees and everyone seems to notice, tonight– even the panhandlers. five years i’ve been in this place and many things still remain nameless

orangy blossoms

“It is most noticeable that no one was ever known to whistle Bach.” – Claude Debussy walking home from the store, by the ballpark, with my bagfull of greens whistling the courante from suite number 6 for ‘cello, i finish the movement, and pause, and then “bzzzzzzzzzzt” the end of the ballgame. in D.


a saucer. chopsticks. kimchee. kimchee. kimchee kimchee. kimchee. beer and kimchee. tongue and tummy and grin and kimchee. kimchee and (did i mention…?) kimchee!

dragonwell tea

today: first buds on the smoking tree, pale greeny white, more bright white plum flowers show a seagull circles, silent. schoolkids screech what am i forgetting?