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Month: March, 2005

friends old and new

five years that i’ve not had to wonder where i’m sleeping but the seeking mind is hard to train back from a walk, i notice that yesterday’s cherry blossoms are already littering the ground

aquatic park

duck duck duck duck (sunset) duck duck duck duck [freewayriver] coot [lagoon] gopher (in-breath) gopher (out-breath) gopher EYES (i found my poem)


neglecting my paperwork, i fill a tube with wind dueling with a gang of songbirds for nobody’s attention–(not even the spiders’). my friend will arrive to find dust, and an empty teapot

assam silvertip

the weeds in the parking strip clear the cardoor handles and let’s just say we’re on a first-name basis with rain. is this any way to spend my vacation– dreaming of kisses past?

the merchant of hot air

o would that i had found the faith, fair portia, to borrow the means to sail for such as thee. instead i’ve clung to what i own: the vanity of poetry