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Month: April, 2005


a lone narcissus. memory of a voice my chest (a breast that vibrates) home familiar sound. guitar. one of my mothers crying me to sleep


attention feeds itself. the current task demands attention. attention applies attention to the task at hand. attention readies itself. attention!

ornch juice

“–Choose love, for love is full of children, Full of choices…” –Delmore Schwartz i’m embarrassed to blather on about my work –how every day is a party, and the healing power of having 200 smiling siblings –but i’ve gone and done it anyway


the radio mind is loud tonight, and soulful guiding my steps through twilit streets drunk on datura and roses, i nearly trip over a raccoon, who doesn’t appear to mind

composition lesson

the tea! the web of musical relationships! the sleepless night before, digesting the vastness of cruelty! you needn’t have shared these with me to know how the heart can pound!