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Month: December, 2005

new year

fascinated with the sound of the guitar but not so much with these same old fingers rain, like the brushing of strings with fingers so many possibilities

just what i needed

gd from sd sent me the dvd looking for a thrill: an anthology of inspiration, and it is just incredibleâ„¢. thanks, g. inspirational quote of the year: “you could be cleaning the toilet, and enjoy the fact that the result is a clean toilet, on which everyone will be comfortable to sit on, or to […]


beeswax is a good alternative to lacquer or shellac when coating wooden objects for kids to play with. get a big block, and rub until glossy.


taking a break from writing my holiday cards raccoons chatter beneath the pines as i smoke, the rain seeps in through worn-out shoe-soles i just can’t give them up