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Month: January, 2006


smokey the cat is faithfully warming my shins forgotten white bulbs are blooming in the yard with oxalis and grasses of winter. don’t ever take for granted the joys you’ve come to expect


my good friend learned (while traveling) that her aunt and confidante had passed. for af yesterday, fountains of rain tightened our shoulders today is cold and clear as a blade unprepared for my friend’s quick departure, i launder the linens humming softly to myself


for mm an old friend called me. he, too, noticed the first full moon of the new year, and wanted to tell me of everything he’s thankful for, old and new. no rain yet, despite predictions.

leg chi

lips sucked dry by winter night. above rooftops, scattered stars, as far away as friends. others, too, walk late, calming restless legs


a movie has me sobbing, alone, as the rivers flood their banks, the moon, both expected and forgotten, at once. to realize the self: impossible, and inevitable