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Month: March, 2006

through the grey

for blg taking advantage of a break in the rain, i delight in a riot of blossoms. spring, indeed! in such a tough-love neighborhood as this, who knew there were so many prayer flags?

oxalis are sleeping

do we tell our child she’s singing out of tune? or encourage her babble? when do we become accountable for our attempts to sing? or an arbiter of taste?

more kimchee, please

if you’re hungry in north oakland/temescal, you can’t go wrong at pyung chang tofu house. i could eat the stoneware bibimbab every day. many tiny plates of various kimchees. good korean beer. barley tea. i always fail to stop eating before i am satisfied. the tables are big and sturdy enough for a one year […]

heart song

for jt in between bouts of relentless rain, the moon, unencumbered by clouds, sings of the glorious spring to come. my neighbor- i hope she shares this auspicious moment


these poems i’m reading go on and on and on image upon image, tough to decode i can’t say that they’re good or bad, but only that my heart is getting poor reception