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Month: April, 2006


when we sing “happy birthday” and it’s time to blow out the candles he pauses, eyes welling up, but no tears (like a man might. he’s three.) and he blows and then rubs his eyes gently then turns to the task of cake-cutting

brain chemistry

at that age (five) the girls all love to participate the boys take a bit of persuasion, but join eventually. it’s not so popular to make gender-based observations, but watch how they’re playing

the act of doing

paperwork workday schoolwork homework workshift handiwork workaholic worksheet keywork woodwork needlework worker social work bodywork the devil’s work a woman’s work the good work


it’s nearly may. the morning bird-song is just beginning to build momentum, and the smoking tree is much less lush than this time last year. what will summer sound like?

“if i should lose…”

i try first with the flute to find the changes (the guitar got left at the church) then hack away at the piano, getting lost– a truly heartrending ballad