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Month: April, 2009

the weigh

cool spring night. another failure to attain set goals. not grasping, not avoiding, who prepares for sleep?


i rarely go for night walks anymore and when i do i hurry home and bolt the door. tonight, i heard a rustle- fresh vegetables from our neighbor

no insurance

the doctor sees the lesion on my calf describes it with an acronym writes a prescription. i ask for details. he answers with credentials. i’m not comforted.

back to class

spring deluge, after a summery week. plum blossom time has passed its peak. i greet old friends and meet new ones. the heart still beats beneath this new striped shirt. npm napowrimo

next generation

out on a walk, pulling his wheeled elephant, he spotted Abdul enjoying a smoke, and slowed down, like he does for new-shaped dogs, and gripped my finger tighter. npm napowrimo