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Month: April, 2010


to never be the perfect blossom, but to suggest, to inspire the desire to become. some of us evade perfection like habits we fear will kill us. not to be, but to behold.

4 h

the garbage truck is coming by today let’s get all our stinky trash and fill our can, and stand out of the way CRASH! and MASH! and SMASH!

big words

spinefeel eyebaggage laundrylistless sleeplesson tongueburnsite musclememorandum

not free

the tree out front and i have dermatitis. the tree’s is most spectacular: papery curling shelves on trunk and limbs. my sickness: delighting in the suffering of others.

jackie blue

my stepmother would pick me up from her parents’ house. i would have been asleep. i sat in the back seat. that am radio: i can tune it in at will now, making wishes that never come true.