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Month: April, 2011

no moon

gratitude: one feels, one expresses. feeling is. expression fails. expression: one does, one intends. who, then, judges?


i miss you, sweetie. you’re singing for strangers again. our son is asleep. i’m seeing the smile that you’re singing through, hoping our smiles are behind your closed eyelids, calling you home to bed.

4th birthday

we keep each other busy, mastering the marble maze. he hums the head from ‘blue train,’ asks for more kimchi, reminds me to move the car. who is the parent here?

just notice

outside: cold spring night. roses: pink, white. sounds: sneezes, streetlight. pants: just right.

near future

listening to the current political discourse brings my thinking mind to a halt. it may indeed be wise to learn to be happy living under a bridge.