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Month: March, 2014

napowrimo 2014

let the critics have their barbecue. my father’s out-of-tune, glad-hearted singing; the inelegant poem my friend sends in the mail: these are my rice and beans.


Late October and now I wear a wool cap around the clock, take three naps a day. I’ve no clear memory why this happens, something about the earth tilting on an axis. Yesterday twenty-three sandhill cranes flew north. Why? – Jim Harrison, Suite of Unreason scratched into the inner groove: “the sandhill cranes.” the band […]

daylight savings time ii

and who has met a newt, near midnight, dancing beneath ones toes, while watching orion dance with the moon and plotting tomorrow’s dances? give up? the only answer.

daylight savings time

take a break from facebook and look west: orion’s dancing with the moon. tomorrow, as you go about your business, guess who else was watching.