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Jupiter, Luna, Saturn, Altair, Lyra; the scuttlebutt about you falls on deaf ears, here. on this doorstep, you shine, and are free to be yourselves.


in the city, the moon is like a neighborhoodcat: you learn where it’s likely to appear–it leaves you lonely for a couple of days, and thenjumps out from behind a house.


a better one than i would hear the insectswith voices quieter than trains, in town,at bedtime. nevertheless, the trainsongs givemy heart the kiss of sleep.

you are the product

i hope that when whoever is buyingaccesses my personal datathe message is clear:i love my peopleand i don’t care who knows.


.59¢ brussels sprouts from berkeley bowl discount produce section, sautéed with carmelized onions and white wine vinegar. perfect balance of sweet and bitter.