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perspective ii

aware of my place in the world, I accept this hardship, knowing that others know worse every day. the cat beneath my car breathes foul exhaust, unhindered, the world at her feet.

many birds

embarrassed to sleep, I bask in a lavender moon air washed clean by a week of rain i wake to the sound of my friend’s old piano. it’s true: i’m so tired of being alone

long tones

first full moon, plum blossoms, fireworks of pink laugh through the storm’s final splashes within these lifeless limbs a subtle warmth i always seem to forget


these friends, so rare, so unexpected. night of heartfelt talk and beer. so soon we’ll part, and i’ll most likely spill some word i’ll instantly regret

a friend is coming tomorrow, i think

with clouds careening by, the moon is nearly full. the body aches to sing we wonder if it’s winter, as it rains: this ground, so lush with weeds.